Some History of Escorts world and Delhi Escorts Services

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Today I like to tell the beginning or the history of the Escorts Services business. The escort’s world is also known as the prostitution business. Prostitution is the sale of sexual services to the different person for the money. Sexual services may be oral sex or sexual intercourse. Those people who serve their body or allow to body for sexual purpose in return of payments. There are about 42 million people who are working as prostitute. You know what, GB road in Delhi, Sonagachi in Kolkata, Kamathpura in Mumbai, Budhwar peth in Pune and Reshampura in Gwalior are those states where over 2.8 million people working in the same field and their numbering is increased day by day.

There are some different kinds of prostitutes in this group like street prostitute, bar dancer, Call girls, Religious prostitute, Escorts Girls, Road side brothel, Child prostitute, Fricatrice prostitute, Gimmick prostitute, Beat prostitute etc. I am Preet Kaur I am also in this work who is working as Independent Delhi Escorts since last 5 year for the Delhi Escorts Services. Escorts are those who are little bit different from other’s. They are high profile they maintain their class and provide their services to the high class group. People hire them for completing their mentally and physically needs. There are many high educated and beautiful Escorts so people hire them for their parties, travelling etc.

Escorts profession is not new it is running in the world from the time of god. At that time the escorts are known as the Devadasi  deva means God and dasi mean servents. With the passage of time the counting of escorts and their profession begin to increase. Now there are over 20million worker in this field. Just only Andhra Pradesh has around 50000 people who are working as escorts. Delhi is famous for many of the things but it is also famous for the beautiful Delhi Escorts and best Delhi Call Girls.

According to the time and centuries everything is begin to change the name of escorts and their counting both. In the 19 centuries London had 80000 escorts. In the beginning of late 1980s, many status of US have to give the penalty if prostitute was HIV positive. The thousand of eastern European women end up as prostitution in China, Western Europe, Israel and Turkey at the time when Soviat Union has broken off. There are more than 40000 females who are working as Delhi escorts. I had entered in 2012 that time there was around 10000 Delhi Escorts now the counting has improved more than 40000.

So I had given you few information and history about the Escorts. I know that there are lots of escorts in whole of the world but Delhi Escorts and Delhi Escorts Services are always best and top notch. If you have not faith so just try once you will be sure that I am right.

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